Fingerprint Cameras

Way back in the 1990's before Digital Protech created this Fingerprint camera which used Film.

It produced 1 to 1 images on 120 roll film using a Mamiya RB67 film back fitted to our unique ABS bodyshell together with a Rodenstock lens, Compur shutter and integral sight frame and flash. The kit was supplied in an aluminium case and weighed in at less 4kg which was really light at the time! 

Many of this were sold to numerous Police Forces, Police Educators and The Home Office.


The quality of the images was superb giving a true life-size image on a negative. 

We also produced a frame which incorporated an enlarging lens which could be used both on 35mm Film bodies.

However Digital became more accepted making film negatives redundant.

As things progressed Digital was not without its own problems - each image was a different size so we were consulted on designing and producing a frame in order to ensure each image was at a set distance and square on to the camera which kept images uniform and therefore easier to process.


Forensic Frames are now designed for different camera body and lens combinations.  

We also modify lenses for Police Forces which fix lenses in order to gain consistent results and cut down on the amount of post-processing needed in the image lab.

Frames for UV Photography - bite mark/injuries have also been supplied and we also convert cameras for Infrared or UV Photography.

We are a small team with knowlegeable staff who will use past experience to find a solution for your needs.