Protech Photographic - Forensic Frames

The purpose of our frames are to ensure all Finger and Palm print impressions photographed are captured at the same distance (scale) and the cameras focal plane is kept parallel to the surface ensuring the mark is recorded with no distortion.  Additionally, on surfaces where the Auto Focus may prove difficult you can pre-set manually and not worry about the distance.


Design Features

* Rigid steel constructed frame so not to allow for movement or distortion 

* Powder coated finish with camera mount, two arms and "L" bracket

* Quick Release mount with second screw attachment to ensure correct alignment -    this mount accepts the PL200 tripod plate 

* Extended rear bracket to allow for differing camera body designs

* Measuring scale (SIRCHIE or alternative) mounted on "L" bracket

* Image capture area measuring approx 135mm x 90mm allowing for an image resolution of >800 ppi with the Nikon D300s and >1000 ppi with the Nikon D500


Our latest Forensic Frame was developed for the Forensic Service of Scottish Police Authority to be used with the Nikon D300s/Nikon D500 together with a 40mm Micro Nikkor lens.

The frame can be supplied for any combination of DSLR Bodies and Lenses - for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Forensic Frames designed and supplied for fingerprint collection.  

From producing One to One Fingerprint cameras and frames we have been designing and working with Police Forces and other Government organisations for many years and are happy to discuss your requirements for specialist applications including frames, modifying exisiting equipment and infrared conversions.